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Whether you’re a previous customer or just found our website for the first time, we want to welcome you to UnderMyHood! The purpose of this initial blog post is to inform you about oil analysis, what it entails, its benefits, and what we can do to help.

What is Oil Analysis?

Without getting too complex, oil analysis involves the sampling of used oil that’s taken and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the lubricant, wear metals, and level of dirt in the oil. Why exactly is it useful? Well, the analysis provides information on whether the proper oil is being used for the conditions in which the vehicle is being used.

Who Uses Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis plays a critical role in heavy equipment such as buses, trains, aircraft, and tractor trailers. Many folks don’t realize that the value of oil analysis has long been known for protecting such important equipment and preventing costly, unexpected breakdowns.

When Should I Use Oil Analysis?

Keep in mind that the main purpose of oil is to prevent wear, while using the proper oil analysis program can help you achieve this. When performed at regular intervals, proper oil sampling creates a baseline of normal wear and tear which can identify any abnormal wear and contamination. Not to mention, oil analysis provides insight into determining the proper oil drain intervals.

Why Use Oil Analysis?

Now that you have a general overview of oil analysis, you may be thinking, “What’s the point?” Here’s an analogy we like to use. Much like a blood test for humans, oil analysis exposes components that are wearing at a quicker rate than what’s healthy for your engine, transmission, or differentials. By conducting an oil analysis, critical maintenance issues can be addressed before extensive damage is done.  

About UnderMyHood

Since 1974, folks have relied on us as a quick, affordable way to determine the health of their equipment. We are proud to use ASTM-approved testing procedures. What customers really appreciate, though, is how simple the process is. Once the professionals at our lab receive your sample, we email you the results within 2 business days. That’s it! We even keep a history of the piece of the engine.

Here are some other benefits of using UnderMyHood for your oil analysis:

  • Everything is done in the same lab, so you never have to worry about consistency
  • Return postage is included with each of our products
  • Your results are interpreted by a live person, who then compares them to similar vehicles

Don’t just assume that your equipment is running efficiently. Instead, turn to UnderMyHood for results you can trust. Shop our products today.