Program Benefits

• Spot problems as they are beginning to develop allowing these issues to be addressed before you have a breakdown. By sampling regularly and creating a trend you will be able to see wear issues that fall outside the normal limits as they occur.

• Improve component longevity by monitoring trace metals to see how serious a problem is which allows you to take action before you have to replace expensive parts.

• Understand the health of the oil by monitoring the viscosity of the oil to make sure it is the proper thickness for lubricating. If the oil is too thick it could indicate a possible coolant leak, if the oil is too thin it could indicate a possible fuel leak.

• Improve resale value by including your oil analysis reports along with your other maintenance reports.

• Provide proof that clearly shows the condition of the engine, transmission, and differentials.

Getting Started with Oil Analysis

Now that you’ve decided that your equipment could benefit from engine oil analysis, let’s get started. First, purchase one of our Oil Analysis Test Kits. These are meant to provide testing of used oil from engines, transmissions, or differentials. Next, complete the test at your home or workplace. Once you’re done, send the sample back to our lab. We will use the most innovative industry techniques to ensure that you get accurate results. Rest assured that UnderMyHood only uses testing procedures that are ASTM approved. We will then email you the results within two business days. That’s it! Though you may think an oil analysis is complicated, our process is fairly simple.

Since 1974, we’ve been the go-to source for oil analysis. As the industry changes, we continue to innovate. But that doesn’t mean our attention to detail has wavered. We believe in always providing the best customer service, from the time you purchase your testing kit to the time we send you the results. You may have a passion for off-roading, 4-wheeling, or jeeping. With whatever you love to do, we want to help you ensure that your equipment will be reliable. After all, the last thing you want is for the fun to end because your engine broke down in the middle of nowhere.    

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Otherwise, shop our products today.