Starter Kit (2 sample kits, vacuum pump & (2) 7' pieces of tubing)


Product Description

Top Rated National® Oil Analysis Starter Kit

  • Contains everything you need to get started with your oil analysis program
  • Includes two complete kits for sampling, a vacuum extraction pump to pull a sample without having to change oil, and 2 7 foot tubing pieces to use with the vacuum pump
  • Determines the health of your vehicles in a fast, inexpensive manner

UnderMyHood has been in business since 1974 and for good reason. Customers rely on our products to keep their equipment running at peak performance. With our starter kit, you set yourself up for success. By sampling regularly and creating a trend, you will be able to identify issues that fall outside the normal limits as they occur. In turn, there’s no need to worry about costly breakdowns and repairs. Simply put, UnderMyHood offers you the preventative solutions that your vehicle requires. Shop now.