Tubing for Vacuum Pump (25' roll in resealable bag)


Product Description

Top Rated National® Oil Analysis Tubing for Vacuum Pump

  • 25-foot roll of 0.25-inch OD tubing for use with the Sample Extraction Vacuum Pump
  • Simply thread one end down the dipstick, insert the other end into the pump, and draw your sample
  • Cut size is required

Since 1974, customers have relied on UnderMyHood to determine the health of their off-road vehicles. A quick, inexpensive process, this product can help you avoid costly breakdowns in the future. Once your sample is received, our oil analysis experts email you the results within 2 business days. Plus, by regularly sampling and creating a trend, you can see the wear issues that fall outside the normal limits as they take place. Shop UnderMyHood today.