Debunking the Most Common Myths About Oil Analysis

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, oil analysis is a great way to quickly and affordably determine the health of your equipment. It can help prevent production delays and breakdowns of expensive machines by getting to the root causes of what’s wrong. That said, there are a number of myths revolving around oil analysis. We will debunk some of the more common ones in this post.

  1. If you change your oil regularly, there’s no need for an oil analysis - This is far and away the biggest misconception. How do you really know the condition of that new oil? Is it actually in a significantly better condition that the current oil? Not to mention, is the oil ISO 446 standard? There are just several questions that will be answered with a professional oil analysis.
  2. Oil analysis doesn’t serve a specific purpose - Some folks fail to see the real value in oil analysis. A handful of companies that offer it fails to act on the recommendations of the results. It’s important to know that the ideal report should tell you what needs to be done and by when, making preventative maintenance easier. It does no good to have an oil analysis performed, only to never use that information for its intended purpose of preventing a costly breakdown.
  3. It’s too expensive - Believe it or not, oil analysis is one of the most cost-effective maintenance strategies you can do for your vehicle. Take a few minutes to weigh the cost of oil analysis with the cost of downtime or having to take your vehicle in for major repair work. Frankly, oil analysis is an investment. At UnderMyHood, our oil analysis test kit is just $21.95.
  4. It takes too long - An alarming percentage of oil analysis companies delay the process in getting results back to customers. Rest assured that our independent oil analysis team will electronically deliver your results within 2 business days. We believe in providing a hassle-free customer experience, which is exactly what you get.
  5. Oil analysis doesn’t prevent breakdowns - Note that lubrication issues tend to be the primary cause of mechanical problems. That’s where oil analysis comes into play. When you have a tangible analysis of cause and suggested action, you’ll be aware of increases in contaminants, oxidation, and wear materials that are major causes of vehicle breakdowns.       

Why Trust UnderMyHood?

Since 1974, we’ve been providing unmatched oil analysis kits and products for clients. How have we been in business for so long you might ask? Really, it’s our unwavering focus on customers. Once you complete the testing, send it back to us. As aforementioned above, we’ll email you the results in just two business days. We recommend that customers sample on a regular basis because it creates a trend that allows you to see issues that fall outside the normal limits as they occur.

If you have any questions regarding oil analysis and what you’ve heard about it, please feel free to contact us. Otherwise, check out our products today.