Why Oil Analysis is Worth Your Time

More and more folks today are reaping the benefits of oil analysis. But is it really essential to the ongoing maintenance of your equipment? In this blog post, we will explain why oil analysis is worthwhile on multiple fronts.

How to Test Your Oil

The majority of labs require at least three ounces of oil to conduct a complete analysis. Once you have the sample, it’s in your hands whether you hire or use a DIY testing kit. Keep in mind that the test usually involves the following:

  • Measuring the viscosity of the sample
  • Performing a spectral testing to measure contaminants
  • “Flashing” a sample to determine fuel contamination
  • Measuring for contaminants using a centrifuge

As aforementioned, you can choose either professional analysis or DIY analysis. The process for sending to a professional lab is pretty straightforward. Simply package the sample and mail it off. You can expect the results within several days. It’s important to know that with professional analysis, you never have to be concerned with accuracy or data issues.

DIY might be appealing for those who enjoying working on their equipment. You typically drop warm motor oil onto sheets that come with your testing kit. In turn, these sheets reveal a pattern of colored concentric rings that can be compared with a chart to get your results. As with the professional analysis, the DIY option is pretty straightforward as well. Best of all, there’s no need to wait for your sample. On the other hand, home testing won’t provide spot-on data that can be revealed from a professional lab.

What You Can Learn From Oil Analysis

Engine oil analysis provides insight into any contaminants or oil breakdown. As a result, you’re able to:

  • Determine how efficiently your engine is burning gasoline
  • Understand if your oil is deteriorating faster or slower than expected
  • Determine if your oil has excessive contamination from water, dust and dirt particles, metals, coolant, etc.

Is Oil Analysis Really Worth It?

If you’re a racer, engine builder, tuner, or just operate equipment with plenty of miles, the occasional oil sample analysis can do wonders. There’s no downside to testing and it’s an easy, affordable way to gauge the condition of your engine.   

Shop Oil Analysis Kits from UnderMyHood

At our oil analysis lab, we’re all about helping customers spot problems as they’re beginning to develop. This way, they can address minor issues before they snowball into major problems, and eventually, a breakdown when you least expect it. UnderMyHood has been in business for more than four decades. You can feel comfortable knowing that we only use ASTM approved testing procedures. Our process is simple and hassle-free. Just send your engine oil analysis kit back to us when you’re ready. Within 2 business days, we will email your results.

What are other benefits of our unique program? By sampling regularly and creating a trend, you can see wear issues that fall outside the normal limits as they occur.  

Now that you know the importance of investing in oil analysis, it’s time to get started. Shop the products you need at UnderMyHood.